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VCOADSR's latest release 'Who's Watching Too EP' available 19th Feb 2016 on Undulation Records. The EP is a snap shot of his current live set at the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016.

'Who's Watching Too EP' available on Bandcamp, iTunes and all other major streaming outlets.


Electronic musician / Producer / Performer

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VCOADSR (pronounced phonetically “vee-see-oh-ay-dee-ess-arr”) is the artist name of Phil Bilsby an electronic music producer & performer based in Brighton, UK. 
Beginning in 2015 and now into 2016 VCOADSR continues to take his sonic studio arsenal, the centre piece being a 12U Eurorack modular synth, out on the road to live audiences to play unashamed bass leaning techno without a shining half-eaten apple in sight.

VCOADSR Discography:
'Who's Watching Too EP' on Bandcamp / iTunes (UR006)
'Modular Sessions Vol.2' album  on Bandcamp / iTunes (UR005)
'Modular Sessions Vol.1' album on Bandcamp / iTunes (UR004)
'Movement' album on Bandcamp / iTunes (UR003)
'Down Above EP' is available here on Bandcamp (UR002)
 'Dirty Pet EP' is available here on Bandcamp (UR001)

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